Metabolic Cooking Review: Quick, Healthy Recipes, and Lots of Bang for Your Buck

Welcome to our Metabolic Cooking review! Today we’ll dive into a diet system that promises to get you results — even after the vast majority of “mainstream cookbooks” have failed you. Let’s take a look!

Cookbooks are a dime a dozen these days, but the Metabolic Cooking system promises to be different than almost everything else.

According to Karine Losier, the creator of Metabolic Cooking, the traditional diet cookbooks out there get it all wrong for many reasons, including:

  • They suck all the fun out of diet foods.
  • They get you stuck in a routine; your metabolism slows because your body gets accustomed to the food.
  • They use the wrong ingredients, sometimes including ingredients that actually encourage fat gain.

Is this system really different? In our Metabolic Cooking review, we’ll take a look and find out.

What is the Metabolic Cooking system and who is it for?

Many people accept as truth that they have to eat bland, boring foods when they’re dieting. That’s completely understandable, because oftentimes you actually should give up some of the unhealthy foods you’ve been eating.

Many processed foods you’ll find in the supermarket, for example, are full of empty sugars that taste good but will make you take on the pounds.

Metabolic Cooking seeks to strike a great balance by packing recipes with nutrient-dense ingredients but also giving you tasty meals and treats that you’ll want to eat. Furthermore, the Metabolic Cooking recipes are quick and easy to prepare, so they’re great for busy individuals. Here’s a screencap of the Metabolic Cooking website that shows some of the great-looking foods you’ll find in the system:


The Metabolic Cooking system is ideal for anybody who wants to supercharge their fat burning process with food specifically designed for that purpose. We always recommend pairing a healthy diet with regular exercise, but you will certainly lock down a big part of the equation with the health-conscious recipes in Metabolic Cooking.

A brief overview of the Metabolic Cooking system

Metabolic Cooking uses a 3-step system to show you what you should eat and how specifically to add certain foods to your diet. The system itself and the ingredients it uses are both laser-focused on burning fat.

  • Step 1: Metabolic Nutri-Profile

If you’re ever confused about what exactly you should eat throughout the day, you’re not alone; millions of people feel the same way. Metabolic Cooking seeks to remove the confusion by telling you precisely what to eat at different times. The system will show you which food combinations are best to help you increase fat loss.

  • Step 2: Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon Food Cycling

This step may be a mouthful, but it’s actually based on a very simple concept. Metabolism is how your body converts food and drink into energy, and you don’t want it to slow down if you’re looking to lose fat. Because of this reason, you’ll add specific foods to your diet to keep your body from having a sluggish metabolism. This is a key component to the magic that will happen in the next step!

  • Step 3: Adding “Thermocharged” Fat-Burning Ingredients

Perhaps one of the biggest parts of the system’s “secret sauce,” this step will introduce “Metabolic Cooking Approved” foods that will quicken your metabolism. The best part is all you need to do is eat; these food combinations will burn calories automatically because of the fat-targeting ingredients they include. You’ll like the variety of ingredients included in the recipes, from shrimp and sirloin steak to cauliflower and coconut oil. When you take a look at the core steps of Metabolic Cooking, you’ll see that the program works by systematically introducing fat-burning ingredients into your diet.

Recipes, information and more: What comes with the Metabolic Cooking system?

Metabolic Cooking comes with a core set of 9 cookbooks along with a great number of bonus modules

  • 9 cookbooks: These are just like normal cookbooks, except their recipes are all designed specifically to burn fat. The 9 cookbooks include recipes for: breakfast, fish and seafood, sides, pork, chicken and poultry, smoothies, red meat, snacks, and vegetarian options.
  • Bonus Fat Loss Optimizer Guide: This guide is all about how to burn fat even faster, including what foods to eat and how to prepare them. It also includes tips on shopping for ingredients and creating meal plans.
  • Bonus Metabolic Salad Builder: This module contains recipes for salads that will target fat and speed up your metabolism.
  • Bonus Seasoning Guide: This module is pretty impressive, as its sole focus is on the seasonings that will help you burn fat. The idea behind these seasonings is you can sprinkle them on any pre-cooked chicken breast and get a great meal right away.
  • Bonus Supplements Guide: It’s always a great idea to use targeted supplements paired with a solid nutrition plan. This guide will tell you the right and wrong supplements to take.
  • Bonus Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets: These are short guides that speed up the cooking process. These include a list of recipes, a grocery shopping list, a daily food log, and more.

The core cookbook system is impressive already with its wide focus on a variety of foods; the extra bonuses are very welcome additions. You may find yourself especially fond of the seasoning guide, since it revolves around creating lightning-quick meals when you don’t have time for meal prep.


Metabolic Cooking review: Pros and cons

Of course, every diet system comes with its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Metabolic Cooking.


  • 250+ RECIPES: There are a lot of recipes included in the system, and each one is designed to burn fat while you eat. The volume of recipes you’ll get ensures you won’t be running out anytime soon. You can also rest easy knowing you don’t have to constantly think about what to prepare — you just have to follow the system.
  • RECIPES ARE EASY TO MAKE: We’re all familiar with cookbooks with dozens of steps to each recipe. Refreshingly, the recipes that come with Metabolic Cooking are largely composed of a few steps each. The premise is that each recipe should be easy to prepare, and Metabolic Cooking does a great job here.
  • INCLUDES RECIPES FOR VEGETARIANS: If you don’t eat meat, you’ll be glad to find vegetarian recipes in the Metabolic Cooking system.
  • AT-A-GLANCE NUTRITION FACTS: Each Metabolic Cooking recipe comes with a summary of nutrition facts; you’ll see calorie, protein, carb, and fat amounts that are useful if you’re taking a numbers-based approach to weight loss.


  • STRUCTURE COULD USE A BIT OF WORK: You’ll get a lot when you buy Metabolic Cooking, but you may find the volume of information overwhelming. This may be because there’s no unifying manual that shows you how everything ties in together.
  • NOT MUCH EXPLANATION OF WHY THE RECIPES WORK: If you’re someone who wants to know the mechanics of why certain foods will help you burn fat, you may find Metabolic Cooking lacking. This may not be such a bad thing, however, because the Metabolic Cooking system is designed to give you quick and easy recipes without making you think too much about what to eat. You just follow what the system tells you to eat to see results.

Metabolic Cooking review: Our final verdict

Overall, we really like that Metabolic Cooking includes a great variety of recipes that are easy to make and appetizing as well. Especially important is the system’s philosophy that diet foods don’t have to taste terrible. Lastly, convenience is of utmost importance in this day and age and we really like how many of the recipes can be completed in just a few steps.

If you’re looking for a recipe guide that’s focused on fat loss and can fit in with your busy life, we highly recommend checking out Metabolic Cooking!

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