How to Lose Muffin Top Fat Forever – A Three-Step Process Anyone Can Follow

If you’re desperate to learn how to lose muffin top fat, you’re in good company. The muffin top is a universal problem interfering with the wardrobe selection of adults, teenagers and even some children on a daily basis. The only way to leave this common problem behind is to understand what muffin tops are and take action to reduce the amount of fat stored around your waistline and hips.

What is a muffin top? It’s a roll of skin that hangs over the top of your pants. The tighter your pants, the more likely you are to see the muffin form. Your pants cannot properly hold the excess fat, so it pushes over your waistband. While you may feel comfortable in your clothing in standing position, the muffin top can become painful when you sit for a long period of time. It may also interfere with your ability to comfortably bend over to pick up dropped items.

While it is possible to get rid of muffin top issues forever, it requires a firm commitment to changing your lifestyle. You do this by following a simple, three-step process.

Start with Nutrition

You can’t learn how to lose muffin top fat without adjusting all of the following:

  • Food selection
  • Food quantity
  • Frequency of meal times and snacks
  • Timing of meals and snacks

Look over this list and honestly assess which issues are increasing the amount of fat stored around your waistline and hips. Perhaps you live on fast food because it’s convenient or you don’t know how to cook healthy meals. Maybe the problem is that you forget to eat during the day and then inhale a massive meal right before bed. You may have to accept that you snack on sugary treats during the day, sabotaging the results that you may otherwise have from your healthy meals.

Identifying the flaws in your current diet is the starting point, but you must follow up by finding a diet book that will help you replace the fat-inducing behaviors with fat-burning routines. For example, if you’re current consuming foods with little to no nutritional value, pick up a book that will teach you how to select and prepare nutritious foods.

Add Exercise

Improving your diet will do a lot to help you get rid of muffin top fat quickly, but you also need to strengthen the muscles positioned beneath that fat. As you start to lose weight and the muffin becomes smaller, you want to reveal well-defined muscles that give your body an attractive shape. Strengthening your core will also reduce your risk of injury from daily activities.

There are thousands of approaches to physical fitness, and many of them are outlined in popular diet and exercise books. You can learn how to use your body weight to workout anywhere without equipment, or you may select a book that shows you how to use dumbbells, barbells and gym equipment effectively. You will also need a cardiovascular component to your workout in order to burn fat.

Follow Up with Consistency

At this point, you’ve answered two critical questions:

  • What is a muffin top?
  • What will it take to lose your muffin top?

All things worth fighting for will require hard work and dedication, and losing your muffin top fat is no exception. Continue reading books related to fitness and nutrition until you find a program that you can stick to for the rest of your life. That is the only way to ensure that your muffin top is permanently replaced by a flat, strong midsection that never interferes with the comfort of your favorite pants. Read some of our reviews and see which plan can work for you.