Fat Diminisher System Review: Get Pumped to Lose Weight with Healthy, Nutritious Foods

Welcome to our Fat Diminisher system review! This is a diet program created by an ex-military man named Wesley Virgin who’s tried all of the fitness programs out there. Does his program do it better? Let’s take a look!

The foods we eat will make or break our weight loss goals. In the Fat Diminisher system, creator Wes Virgin looks to put you on the right track for your diet — all while tackling the right mindset and lifestyle habits that will help you drop fat.
In this Fat Diminisher system review, we’ll dive into the diet program and you can see if it’s a good fit for you. Overall, you’ll find that Wes makes it easy to get started and begin eating right.

What is the Fat Diminisher system and who is it for?

The Fat Diminisher system positions itself opposite a lot of other diet products. Whereas a lot of diets promise quick results but no plan to maintain your weight loss, the aim of the Fat Diminisher system is to help you maintain your results long-term.

If you’re someone who wants to pursue weight loss not as a gimmick but as something that will change the foundations of how you live your life, you’ll want to take a look at the Fat Diminisher system.
The system attempts to take a more holistic angle to weight loss, changing your habits in diet and exercise rather than telling you to follow a quick cleanse or food purge. In a sense, the program takes a “teach a man how to fish” approach, which can be very useful to people sick of all of the overblown claims of other diet systems.

The Fat Diminisher

The Fat Diminisher

Inside the Fat Diminisher system

The Fat Diminisher system uses a logical progression for its course, starting from the basics (mindset, habits, etc.) and finally working its way into the science behind weight loss.

Mindset and psychology
Most diet systems dive right into telling you how to eat, but since Fat Diminisher tries to “teach you how to fish,” it starts with the psychology behind losing weight. Specifically, Wes talks about the 97% of people who don’t lose weight versus the 3% who do. The 97% make excuses, for example, and the 3% never make excuses.

Afterwards, Wes will give you specific steps to help you gain the motivation necessary to get on a weight-loss regimen. His suggestion of finding an accountability partner is very smart and is a great idea. Lastly, Wes will discuss how you should talk to yourself while you’re going through your transformation.

How to change your lifestyle
Wes will go over lifestyle changes you can make to start losing weight for good. He’ll cover the optimal strategy for reducing belly fat, how to digest food quicker, and how obesity problems are created.   Along the way, Wes dives into the science behind why certain practices help you lose or gain weight. He’ll include a clear discussion of different hormones (like cortisol, oxytocin, etc.) and how they’ll affect your weight.

Foods and recipes
Especially impressive is the section on which vegetables you should avoid (one of them is corn!) — Wes evidently likes to be a mythbuster when it comes to weight loss. The guide will also talk about which foods to eat, and this section is superb: Its overarching philosophy is you should eat foods as close to nature as possible, and you should stay away from processed foods. Lastly, Wes will recommend some superfoods to quicken your fat loss, as well as provide a good collection of healthy recipes you can add to your diet.

What comes with the Fat Diminisher system?

  • Fat Diminisher System Main Guide: This guide will cover the core system, including the mindset of weight loss, how to change your habits, good and bad foods for losing fat, and recipes for your diet.
  • Bonus Guide – “Most Powerful Sex Foods And Stimulants”: A better sex life — we all know we want it! This is a 29-page module that will show you which foods to eat to heighten your sexual mood.
  • Bonus Guide – “The Truth About Veggies: The Veggies That Make You Fat”: Keeping up with Wes’ talent of destroying widespread myths, Wes will clear the notion that all vegetables are good for you. Along the way, he’ll give you a list of what vegetables you shouldn’t eat if you want to lose weight.
  • Bonus Guide – “Arthritis Reversed”: This is a nice goodie that you won’t see listed on the product sales page; it’s an “unannounced” bonus you’ll get after purchasing the system. Another plus is Arthritis Reversed is a hard copy, so you’ll have a physical book sent to your address. The book was written by Dr. Mark Wiley, a practitioner of Eastern and alternative medicine. It’ll show you a “mind/body approach” to treating and preventing arthritis.


Bonus DVD – “Fat Loss Expert Follow-Along Workout DVD”: Also another unannounced bonus that you can receive after purchasing the course. This is a DVD that will be sent to your physical address, containing a 45-minute workout designed to accelerate fat loss.

The Fat Diminisher

Fat Diminisher system review: Pros and cons

Impressively, the Fat Diminisher system comes with a large volume of good features and very few negatives. Here’s a quick rundown:


  • EXPLAINS THE SCIENCE BEHIND WEIGHT LOSS: Many diet systems just tell you what to do but don’t go into any details about why their methods work. The Fat Diminisher system is refreshing in that it doesn’t shy away from talking about the science. What’s more, Wes does a good job making the scientific discussion easy to understand and applicable to your life.
  • CLEAR DISCUSSION OF VARIOUS FOODS AND SUPPLEMENTS: A big part of the Fat Diminisher system is what foods you should and shouldn’t eat. Wes will destroy lots of myths in his conversation about various foods, and he gives many great suggestions about what to eat.
  • STRONG OVERALL FOOD PHILOSOPHY: We always recommend eating foods that are as natural as they come while avoiding processed foods. The Fat Diminisher system shares this philosophy, and it recommends lots of great, healthy foods to add to your diet.
  • TALKS ABOUT THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WEIGHT LOSS: Many diet systems forget a key component to losing weight, which is that you need to stay motivated in some way. Wes is great at pumping you up and making you feel like you can take your weight loss challenge head-on. He has a clear, engaging writing style that helps you connect with him.


  • NO BUILT-IN EXERCISE ROUTINE: Exercise is a good part of any weight-loss regimen, and a slight weakness to the Fat Diminisher system is it doesn’t have any exercise routines in the main system. However, you do get a workout bonus DVD sent to your physical address if you want it.

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