How to drop 10 pounds

Can you lose 10 pounds in a week? Yes, you can! There are many diets and weight-loss programs out there, but some will work much more effectively than others. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, one of these 4 diets will be more effective in helping you reach your weight-loss goals. Read our in-depth reviews to find out which one is best for you!

The 3 Week Diet

3 week diet

The 3 Week Diet tries to solve one of the biggest problems of typical diets: You never see results quick enough! If you have the willpower to make it through this 21-day diet, you’ll see transformative changes in your body.

Pros: This diet is designed to get you results fast, giving you motivation to stick with your diet.
Cons: You’ll need a lot of willpower and may have to put up with hunger pangs.

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Fat Diminisher Diet

Fat Diminisher Diet

The Fat Diminisher system is a program that will get you pumped to lose weight. Creator Wes Virgin does a great job of motivating you, and he includes many healthy foods that will accelerate your fat loss.

Pros: Great at motivating you to lose weight and includes a fantastic philosophy on what foods to eat.
Cons: Doesn’t come with a workout routine in its main system.

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Metabolic Diet

The Metabolic DIet

A lot of diet cookbooks force you to make punishingly bland meals. This definitely isn’t the case with Metabolic Cooking! The creators of the system have found a way to introduce fat-burning ingredients into quick meals you’ll be excited to eat.

Pros: Healthy, lightning-quick, and ridiculously simple recipes anyone can make.
Cons: You might wish there was a little more guidance to unify the entire cookbook system.

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The Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is hot these days, and its wholesome philosophy has inspired countless people to start eating healthier. The Paleo Grubs book will help you dive in; with over 470 delicious recipes, the book will make it incredibly easy to eat right.

Pros: An incredible number of mouth-watering, Paleo-faithful recipes will tide you over for a long time.
Cons: You might have to say goodbye to some of your most cherished foods.

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